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Learn to Sail with Sea Scout Ship 258

NOTE: Our meeting times sometimes change, so please call to confirm any meeting for which you did not receive a specific notice.

Learn to sail with Colonial Beach Sea Scout Ship 258!

We are currently recruiting teen boys and girls, ages 13.5 to 20, who want to sail and kayak in Monroe Bay and the Potomac River. Our regular crew meetings are at 4 pm to 6 pm on the 1st & 3rd Wednesday of each month.  Our winter months schedule is the 1st Sunday of the month from 2 pm to 6 pm.  We meet in the Captain's Lounge at The Boathouse Marina,
 829 Robin Grove Lane, Colonial Beach, VA (come to the back door of the marina store).
  For more information, please call 757-846-1859 (Skipper Holly) or 804-525-8533 (Boatswain Megan)

Sea Scout Ship in Colonial Beach!

Adventure on the Potomac River awaits Colonial Beach youth!
We meet at The Boathouse Marina, 829 Robin Grove Lane, Colonial Beach VA 22443
  • Winter Sea Scout Meetings: 1st Sunday of each month from 2:00 -6:00 PM, usually in the "Captains Lounge" (entrance at rear of building).  (Call first to confirm.)
  • Committee Meetings: on ad hoc basis. (Call first to confirm.)
Whether you are looking to the sea for a career or just a life-time of recreation, Sea Scouting is for you!  Sea Scouts learn all aspects of seamanship under sail and power—from routine maintenance to handling the helm and navigating on a long cruise.

Sea Scout Ship 258, chartered by the Boathouse Marina, was launched in December 2013.  We are hosted by and meet at The Boathouse Marina, in the Captain's Lounge.  

Mr. Boone Hichborn, a founding member of the Ship, says: "Sea Scouting is youth lead, adult guided, and committee supported. All activities meet both Scouting and U.S. Coast Guard safety standards. All events fall within and are supported by the ship’s budget so that anyone can afford to participate."

“There are so many opportunities for youth who join the Ship.  Learning to sail is just the beginning. Colonial Beach Sea Scouts learn about the history, ecology, and diversity of the Potomac River, the Chesapeake Bay, and beyond to our global marine ecosystem”, said Dr. Caryn Self-Sullivan, local marine scientist and a key member of the ship's founding. 

Several private owners have agreed to loan sailboats to the Sea Scouts in addition to our own fleet.  “This is a huge benefit to the Ship.  The youth use a variety of sailboats, from a small Sunfish and Zuma to larger boats suitable for the ‘long cruise’—an annual event planned for and executed by the scouts after they master basic seamanship", said Mr. Bill Bowman, owner of The Boathouse Marina and Committee Member.

Sea Scouting is a co-educational Boy Scouts of America Program, open to all youth—male and female—ages 14-20.  

Want to know more?  Watch these Sea Scouts talk about Sea their own words:

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