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Scouting 24 / 7 with Troop 247

Closed After 39 Years

As of December 31, 2021, Troop 247 is closed. We had a good run of 39 years and are thankful to everyone who made this journey possible and made a difference in the lives of boys in Norcross. We were Scouts BSA troop that scouted out of Norcross First United Methodist Church since 1983. That's 39 years scouting in Norcross, Georgia. We are very grateful for the support of the church as we molded boys into men, and taught them to lead each other. 

We did not survive the decimation of our ranks as boys wandered elsewhere during the Covid-19 pandemic, but are grateful for the time we had with them. If you are looking to Scout in Norcross, Troop 26 (Christ Church Episcopal) and Troop 251 (Hopewell Missionary Baptist) are both still providing the program in Norcross. Troop 251 is where the boys and leader from Troop 247 settled. Come and join us there!