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Engineering Technology Exploring Post 1882
(Haymarket, Virginia)
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Engineering Explorer Post 1882 - Club 42

Welcome to Engineering Explorer Post 1882 & Club 42's website.

     Explorer Post 1882/Club 42 is a Learning For Life Engineering and Technology Explorer Post & Club in Prince William County Virginia. We explore a variety of fields in Engineering and Computer Sciences in order to help young adults make educated decisions on future career possibilities. We engage in competitive engineering challenges, take field trips to area employers and facilities, and provide STEM community outreach programs.
An Incredible Journey
     Since 2014 Explorer Post 1882 has fielded VEX Robotics teams, a Zero Robotics team, MATE Underwater ROV teams, CyberPatriot teams and a TARC rocketry team.  The Explorer Post has hosted over 10 regional VEX Robotics tournaments, 2 STEM Camporee (500+ participants), STEM summer camps and showcased engineering in the HayMaker STEM Expo (2000+ attendees), Joe Gibbs Country Fair and Celebrate Fairfax.  The Explorers have also led numerous STEM Outreach activities for local Boy & Girl Scout troops and participated the Virginia STAR program, refurbishing PCs for students without computers.  Most recently the Explorer Post help launch the first makerspace in Prince William County - Sally's STEM Shack at the BSA Camp William B. Snyder.

  The Explorer Post has also ventured out on numerous field trips and engineering sessions including the Tech Shop, DARPA, NAVSEA Cadderock, Micron, 3D Printers, Electrical Circuits, Model Airplanes, Sky Robotics, Discover Scuba, and NASA.  

     The Explorer Post is now 24 Explorers and 10 Adult Leaders strong.

Awards & Achievements

VEX Robotics 2018-2019
9812A (MS): The High Five
     Tournament Finalist: Stone Hill Middle School Tournament
     Qualified for 2019 Virginia State Championship
     4th place finish in Skills at States
     Qualified for 2019 Vex World Championships

CyberPatriot  2018-2019
     MS / HS teams Gold Tier VA States
     MS team ranked in top 25% Nationally, Semi-finals
     HSl team ranked in top 30% of Gold Tier

CyberPatriot  2015-2016, 2017-2018
     One of only two Middle School teams in PWC
     Nationally Ranked

VEX Robotics  2017-2018
     9812C - Tournament Champions, PWC

VEX Robotics  2016-2017

9812B  Atlantis (MS)
     Excellence Award
     VA State Championships

9812D  Nebula (MS)
     Tournament Champions
     VA State Championships

8113 Robo Phet (HS)
       Judges Award

VEX Robotics  2015-2016

9812C  LeBot James (MS)
     World Championships
     Tournament Finalists:   VA State Championships
     Tournament Champions:  Bull Run Middle School Regional Qualifier
     Tournament Champions:  Nothing But Net Battle at the Bridge

9812B Lil Lady Lifters (MS)
     Design Award:  Nothing But Net Fairfax Regional Qualifier
     Judges Award:  Prince William Regional by Explorer Post 1882

Zero Robotics 2014-2015  
     Nationally Ranked  

VEX Robotics 2014-2015  

Community Award:  VEX Worlds Championships

6002A - Pineapple Pigs (HS) 
     VEX Worlds
     Tournament Champions:  VA State Championships
     Tournament Champions:  Potomac School Regional

9812A - Nerd Nights (MS)
     Rookie team, all elementary school students

9812B - Delta Force (MS)
     Tournament Champions:  Prince William County Regional

Team 9812C - All About The Base (MS)
     VEX Worlds
     Tournament Champions:  VA State Championships
     Judges Award:  Prince William Regional
     Tournament Finalists:  Prince William Regional

MATE Underwater ROVs  2014-2015  
     ROV Design Award 

Encourage a young engineer
     If you know of a young adult in middle or high school who may be interested in learning more about engineering or about a future in engineering - our program will help expose and excite them about the range of possibilities. From Civil to Electrical to Chemical to Mechanical to Computer to Environmental - almost every problem can be dealt with by some branch of the engineering sciences. Join us today!


     The Post/Club is extremely fortunate to have several of the region's leading STEM organizations as participating organizations/sponsors.  We could not provide the program we do without their support.